All together for Re-Creation

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Julien Thomas & Romyda Keth

Model for Wedding Fairs

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Departure to Valentin's Day Live

@ The Chinese House

Phnom Penh


Claudie Pierlot

Claudie P visuel.jpg

Music advertising & Fashion Show

Produced with Fabrice Tryer on the guitar &

Frank Magniez on recording & mix

Claudie Pierlot 3 - BrynN/Fab

France Demarchi

Sensitive Work

France revealed through her work the obvious link between

Architecture & Earth Energy.

She adds an artistic dimension to her projects

 with Chinese Ink Painting Arts

Behind the camera for France Geobiology Presentation Conference

Eye Liner's Photography


From a morning idea, an original 7 days creation with

Vinciane Liners become now Explorer of the Invisible &


         Sound & Vision Project


7 Days

7 Songs

7 Pictures


L'Effet Rétro

First Exhibition of Annie Gazé Photographer in Paris

Baptized "L'Effet Rétro" by Miss Peg to qualify

the Annie's original concept of taking pictures through different side mirrors collected on her way, passionate about old cars and photos

Miss Peg animated this event with a live Karaoke and guitar improvisation on words written by the guests and created her new


logo signature : 

Logo Annie.png

Mamzaile Kaya

Live @ the New Morning Paris

Mousso Do - Ales'K
Saùdé - Ales'K

Their first big stage together for Mamzaile Kaya Songs that drove a long musical partnership until today.

Miss Peg chose to settle down in Noirmoutier Island where Mamzaile Kaya joined her one year after and they co-created "Drôles2Dames".

This musical company organised the first Crusta'Scène Festival and recorded a full album available here :

"Everybody's got to learn sometime" Cover by Mamzaile Kaya

Pochette Album D2D Carrée.jpg

Cd Cover designed by

Miss Peg & Mamzaile Kaya's touch

Video all directed by Miss Peg & Mamzaile Kaya

Opening by Miss Peg for "Réservoir Doo" Party

30 songs from Doo's repertoire played with 40 musicians

To celebrate Doo's birthday and her 15 years career

"Piece of shit" (70's project)

On guitar and vocals @ The Réservoir

Bed of Roses

"Eye in the sky" Cover

Video all directed by Miss Peg & Doo

BOR chateau.jpg
BOR Concert broc flyer.jpg

In a castle or in a circle

Miss Peg & Doo as 2 chameleons in

their Duo "Bed of Roses"

Played their covers during 5 years

Through France & Switzerland

Record ta Comptine

Workshop created by Miss Peg for kindergarten

Record ta comptine001.jpg

The concept was to record kids voices at school, through a Jamman pedal making at the end, a funny loop with kids, given to their parents just after. A kind of sound memory box, nice to listen to a few years later.

Des Souris vertesMiss Peg & Kids
00:00 / 00:15

Double Album in French & English for Kids

Co-composed with Doo & Mouli

during a 2 weeks residency in Normandy

Totally for kids.jpg


Profil Miss'n'mister.jpg



Melting Pop Duo with Alex Layan, Sacem Talent Award at 18 years old.

He asked Miss Peg to write English lyrics on his melodies to sing and play together some more Happy Pop songs. 

Flash Mob in Domaine Le Midi - Noirmoutier Island

"Mister Sunny Days" during rehearsal

"To the Light" by Miss'n'Mister - Dimaloko remix

"J'ai quelques amis"

Backing vocals for a few songs on

the album available here :


Backing vocals on the single available

here : Alex Balduzzi