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Kangourou photographié en Australie par Miss Peg

Music and songwriting were a call more than a vocation, and took place in his life 20 years ago, upon his return from Australia.

This 6-month solo trip across the country was like a quest at the end of which she found her musical reason to be here.

Before learning other people's songs, she composed her own,

on the metal strings of his folk guitar.


Over time and encounters, his repertoire has been nourished by all

famous or anonymous artists who knew how to speak to his heart.

They play other instruments like drums, bass, didgeridoo,

the keyboard, allowing her to perform her songs and what she hears,

in its entirety.  

Notes from here and emotions from elsewhere drawn from his  many trips and

encounters on foreign continents passing through the tumults of

its inland rivers .

She made 4 albums in  self production, feeling very distant  

expectations of the music business.

Music as she hears it is not a business and

business does not create music.

A song is the voice of a beating heart that cannot be sold  

like an espresso.



It is in this spirit and to retain the freedom to create  

bridges between sounds and her vision, that she added images to her songs and shot about fifteen clips.  

The first was edited using material filmed by his father and his Super 8 camera.


She never stops working on new projects that contribute to recreating a world to which we could be proud to belong.

Music is like a new romantic getaway every day,

where she vibrates, cries, laughs a little, a lot and which has no boundaries of time, space and trend.

This is the direction she chose to take at the risk of getting lost.

Kangourou photographié en Australie par Miss Peg


She will not translate perfectly the french text written above,

because, you can't express exactly the same thoughts in these two different languages, and she doesn't want to anyway.

It's the reason why, most of her songs are in English, because, it's her musical mother tongue, the freedom that she found to write songs.

This choice was more of an obvious fact than a hype fashion decision

when she started to play music on her folk guitar 20 years ago.


After a 6 month trip on her own in Australia, the magic sound of

this instrument, inspired her to write and sing nostalgic happy ballads,

as a way to release her heart from huge emotional waves.


She played her repertoire for the last 15 years,

throughout France and all around the world with any musician

who wanted to be part of this adventure and create new artistic ones.

All this without any other expectation than to live the music and life.


She's playing other instruments,

like drums, bass, didgeridoo, keyboard

to produce entire songs as close as possible to what she hears.

She released 4 albums one year  independent way to feel free

 from business expectations.

Music is not business and the business is not making the music.

A song is the sincere voice of a living heart,

it can't be sold as an espresso.

So, so, she made about 15 videos to put new horizons on her sounds in the respect of her convictions with her means of production,

starting from Super 8 images filmed by her father when she was a child.

Her artistic will is to create bridges between sounds and visions with intuition and colorful sharing.

She never stops working on projects that could recreate the world we would be proud to live in.


She tries to find in each experience, good trips or bad escapes, the pure breath of joy and happiness.

To play the guitar is her favorite game, and music her best love story.

Japanese portrait



A tree: Sakura (cherry tree)

A sound: Temple gong

A moment: Sunrise over the ocean

A souvenir: Sashimi platter

A delirium: WonderPiggy  

A dance: Flower petals in the wind

A sensation: Just before a kiss

Rhythm: Heartbeat

A Flying Strangeness: Dragonfly

A taste: Iodine

Altitude: Above the clouds

A road: Winding path

A chord: F 7

One color: All

Miss Peg

Japanese Portrait



A tree: Sakura

A sound: Temple Gong

A time: Sunrise by the ocean

A memory: Flat sashimi

A delirium: WonderPiggy  

A dance: Flowers petals in the wind

A feeling: Just before a kiss

Rhythm: Heart beating

A flying strangeness: DragonFly

A flavor: Iodine

At altitude: Above clouds

A road: Winding path

A chord: F 7

A color: All

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