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"To Angel Moune" Album

Photo Miss Peg Mum

Sorti le 17 août 2023

"Approche-toi" Single

Miss Peg drawing

Sorti le 3 mars 2022

"Drôles2Dames" Album

Pochette et logo Album Drôles2Dames

Co Album with Mâmz'aile Kaya

Released in 2020

"Nearly or Never" Album

Pochette Album Nearly or Never - Miss Peg

Released on Valentine's Day 2015

"Sunnies" Ep
Pochette Album Sunnies - Miss Peg
Released in 2011
"Totally for Kids"
Double Album
Pochette double album réalisé pour BMG

Co Double Album (French & English) for kids with Doo & Mouli

Released in 2010 available here:

"Kiss my neck" Vinyl
Pochette Vinyl Single Kiss my neck - Miss Peg & Dj Prosper

Co Single with  Dj Prosper  & Zam’x

Label Expressillon

Released in 2009

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