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"La nuit Je vole"

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Sketches 1, 2

Croquis WonderPiggy - Miss Peg
Croquis n°2 WonderPiggy

Script Film d'Animation en 3 parties

"The Key Secrets"

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WonderPiggyMiss Peg
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The Superhero, principal character called WonderPiggy, is wearing a key round her neck since she was a baby girl and nobody knows, what it opens. The only thing she's completely sure about, is the preciousness of this little metallic shiny mystery. Its shape could represent an eagle with wings on each side.

She dreams about places she doesn't know and one night, an old aborigine woman called Windarra, appeared to ask her to come as fast as possible to the big red mountain.Time has come to listen to night calls...

PART 1 : Windarra & the Dreamtime Answers

Action takes place in Uluru in Australia where WP will learn about creation of mountains, rivers and how to listen to the heart of earth through her dreams

PART 2 : Ojo del Condor & High Forest Whisper

Action takes place in Machu Picchu in Peru where WP will learn about nature communication & animals languages to understand all the links between every living soul of the world

PART 3 : Kuroi Yuki & the Samurai Wisdom

Action takes place in Fuji Mountain in Japan where WP will learn about

courage, engagement, perseverance and how to experiment the 5th human commitments in a daily practice

Soundtrack for Documentary Tv Show

Secret project for the moment, based on Human Rights Equality

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